Campaign Purpose

Daily, women throughout the world are…

(1) overlooked for promotions

(2) ganged raped with slow to no investigations occurring

(3) trafficked into countries for sex

(4) forced to follow cultural rituals

(5) and overall are not HEARD as much as the opposite sex.

Well, why not continue the Million Women March agenda and bring it into the corporate career world. As women, we have the unique ability to let our lights shine in the home, shine the corporate room, shine in music, shine in theaters, shone in business and to shine for ourselves.

We must be the VILLAGE and declare boldly that…

“WE are WOMAN and WE were… Born To Lead!”

Through this campaign, we have reached...



Campaign Leaders

Meet the 2018 Campaign Leaders


Chesapeake, VA

Campaign Visionary, Leadership Strategist


Virginia Beach, VA

Motivational Speaker, Certified Global Women’s Leadership Coach


Springfield, IL

Women’s and Teen Girl Empowerment Expert


Portsmouth, VA

Certified Trainer, Published Writer, Navy Veteran


North Carolina

Teach, Coach, Mentor


Snellville, GA

Speaker, Coach, Financial Educator

The Book (Volume l) Published in 2017

Leadership T.K.O. for Women: Power Punch Strategies to Knock Out Challenges in the Home, Corporate and Business World. 

Want to become a woman of great influence?

Do you desire to maximize your leadership potential to grow your income?

This book features six autobiographical accounts of women who advocate strongly for women in leadership. Highly influential women from a broad range of denominational affiliation shares their surprising journeys from a more or less restrictive view to an open inclusive view that recognizes a full shared partnership of leadership. Leadership TKO For women unveils the secrets of managing challenges women face and how to achieve maximum potential in life.

The solutions given in this book are relatable and practical, and can be used by women across all levels. The pragmatic suggestions – combined with the experience of women who have gone through exactly what you are going through right now- make this a must read for you. This isn’t just a tale, it is a book you can read in few hours, act on tomorrow and enjoy immediate results.

Want to be that great leader and life- changer you were meant to be? Read now and discover tips on how to rule your world and make it to the top, one step at a time.

CLICK HERE to Purchase a Non-Autographed Book Paperback Copy

The Reality Interview Show

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During the campaign, the leaders will be sharing the leadership journey’s of women throughout the world. You will be able to learn from their mistakes, enhance your leadership knowledge while also gaining a global lady mentor in the process.


Want to become a global mentor and share your leadership journey with women throughout the world?

Women can learn from you on how to become a great mother, sister, company team member and entrepreneur. 

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Seminars & Conferences

Connect with a conference or seminar to receive hands on leadership training. Topics covered during these events will include:

Change Management
Negotiation Skills
Time Management
Peak Performance


Discover how you can connect with the campaign through a nearby conference or seminar

Coming in July 2018
TKO 2nd Annual Born to Lead (Women’s Leadership Convention & Expo)
Portsmouth, VA

The Play

The campaign will conclude with bringing the stories of the campaign leaders to life through a theatrical set of virtual monologues. Yes! The leaders will bring LIFE their challenges and successes by way of LIVE video. Stay tuned for more information regarding the play.